“I have seen that Action II Petit Lady increases the elasticity of the vaginal wall with a significantly short downtime. Patients suffering from vaginal relaxation syndrome are very satisfied with Petit Lady because this 15-minute non-surgical treatment successfully rejuvenates the vagina and enhances sexual sensation.”

Fabio Marini, M.D.
Skin Laser Clinic, Pescara, Italy

“Action II Petit Lady is a truly unique gynaecological system for treating vaginal relaxation syndrome. For example, I believe that the combination of multiple micropulses and long pulse accelerates tightening of the vaginal wall. Responses from my patients are great.”

Domenico D’Angelo, M.D.
Skin Laser Clinic, Pescara, Italy

“Action II Petite Lady is outstandingly beneficial for women with vaginal relaxation syndrome caused by multiple childbirths. I have experienced many times that this non-invasive and non-surgical procedure is very effective even for those with severe symptoms.”

Nadia Jasim Faris Al Aqbi, M.D.
Nadia Medical Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“As a gynaecologist, I have seen that the Action II Petit Lady technology successfully rejuvenates the vaginal mucosa when treating patients with vaginal relaxation syndrome, urinary incontinence and chronic atrophy. I hope more doctors adopt Petit Lady, which will improve the sexual health of females in Vietnam and help them to be happier, more attractive and more self-confident.”

Giang Thu Nguyen, M.D.
Deputy Director of the Institute for Development and Community Health (LIGHT) of Vietnam

“Action II Petit Lady treatment is effective for vaginal tightening through immediate shrinkage via the photothermal effect, which induces collagenesis followed by remodeling, and the overall vaginal environment can be improved.”

Min Seok Lee, M.D.
Gynecologist, S.Korea
President of KSGPS (Korean Society of Gynecoplastic Surgery)

“Action II Petit Lady is a minimally invasive gynecological laser system that can effectively treat not only vaginal tightening, but much more. It is effective for young women with chronic vaginitis and post-menopausal atrophic vaginitis in the older female. Particularly in the case of chronic vaginitis, purulent vaginal discharge is dramatically reduced.”

Seung Ho Hong, M.D.
Chief Director of the Woman’s Clinic Luce, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

“Our center was Asia’s first hospital specialising in ‘laser cosmetic vaginal surgery,’ and the non-surgical approach with Lutronic’s Petit Lady will benefit many vaginal relaxation syndrome patients, it is particularly recommended for menopausal patients. Petit Lady not only rejuvenates the vagina through remodeling but also enhances sexual gratification and better quality of life for patients and their partners.”

Hyung Keun Lee, M.D., PH.D.
Chief Director of the RIZ Laser Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Center, Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea

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